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Recognizing negligence by the funeral home

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2023 | Funeral home negligence

Funeral directors have an obligation to handle the remains of a deceased individual with proper regulations. When funeral homes fail to live up to those obligations, that qualifies as negligence.

Funeral home negligence can be difficult to prove, but it is important to understand the types of things that qualify.

Cremation issues

If you entrusted the funeral home to cremate a loved one, you have every right to expect that they will cremate the body separately and the cremains you receive are exclusive. Not only that, but they have an obligation to carry out your request. If, for any reason, they do not cremate the body or they do not isolate that process, that may qualify as negligence.

Inadequate embalming

Embalming is a specific process and must be done both correctly and by properly licensed individuals. If the funeral home fails to embalm the deceased correctly, that is negligence on the part of the funeral home as well.

Theft of property

Personal property, including jewelry, medical devices and implants, goes directly to the family when the funeral home embalms or cremates remains. You should be aware of what your loved one may have had on their person at the time of their death so that you can be sure to receive everything. If you do not receive everything back, such as if you are missing jewelry, hold the funeral home accountable for their negligence.

Funeral homes provide a service to people during one of the most difficult times in their lives. Hold your funeral home accountable for any potential negligence.