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Hales & Sellers, PLLC, In The Media

Hales & Sellers, PLLC is frequently cited in the news and is interviewed by major news outlets on various cases.

Funeral Home Negligence

One of our cases that captured a lot of media attention is related to a prominent funeral home in Dallas, which was accused of mishandling corpses and cremated remains.

Daily Mail: Celebrity funeral director who stars on TLC reality show “Best Funeral Ever” is sued by 17 families for “desecrating remains”

New York Post: Reality TV funeral director accused of desecrating remains of 17 people

Dallas Morning News and NBC5: More than a dozen lawsuits filed against Dallas funeral home for mishandling corpses, ashes

NBCDFW: Family sues Dallas funeral home for “mishandling” loved one’s ashes

CinemaBlend: More than a dozen families are suing TLC star over allegedly mishandling human remains

The Hamden Journal: Reality TV mortician John Beckwith accused of desecrating remains

Dallas Spectrum News: Texas Funeral Service Commission investigating Golden Gate Funeral Home

Washington Post: Funeral home featured on “Best Funeral Ever” accused of losing ashes and letting bodies decompose

News Nation: Funeral home on TLC is sued, accused of mishandling remains

Texas Monthly: The Dallas Mortuary accused of producing the worst funerals ever

National Enquirer: TV funeral director labled an ashhole!

Monet: Astro de reality “funebre” e acusado de profanar restos mortais de 17 pessoas

Lisa Marie Presley Estate Commentary

Daily Mail: As Elvis’ family gather at his iconic home for his daughter’s memorial this weekend, an unthinkable question arises: Will Graceland have to be sold to pay off Lisa Marie’s debts?

Los Angeles Times: Lisa Marie Presley leaves behind a lucrative Graceland… and a complicated financial legacy

Techno Trenz: Lisa Marie Presley’s passing could mean bad things for Graceland

Page Six: Graceland will go to Lisa Marie Presley’s three daughters

Nicki Swift: Lisa Marie Presley’s death may lead to sad fate for Graceland

Forbes: Lisa Marie Preselty deja en herencia un lucrative Graceland… pero un complicado legal financiero

Other Media Mentions And Commentary

Fox News: Jamie Lynn claims Britney Spears could’ve ended conservatorship by moving to a new state, legal experts weigh in

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NY Daily News: Lawsuits against police over Texas school shooting would be challenging, legal experts say

Nicki Swift: Lawyers say Anne Heche’s son could face potential hurdles in bid for actor’s estate

Nicki Swift: Lawyers squash concerns Aaron Carter’s son Prince might not inherit his estate

The American Lawyer: South Trailblazers, attorneys Jack Hales and Ryan Sellers featured

Central Recorder: Lawyer says Anne Heche’s child could face potential problems in bid for actor’s estate

USA Today: Amanda Bynes seeks to end nearly nine-year conservatorship

MarketWatch: Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears were both under conservatorships – here’s what you can learn from them

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Podcast Interviews

Deep Dive With Dr. Tracy podcast: Bioethics in an age of Covid

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