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What can families do about cases of funeral home negligence?

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2023 | Funeral home negligence

It is already difficult to grieve a loved one, which is why people expect the funeral home that they choose to act responsibly and carefully. However, like with nearly any industry, it is possible for those that work in the funeral home business to act negligently. Acts of negligence can include things such as stealing clothing and jewelry from a body, burying a body in the incorrect location and much more.

What can families do about cases of funeral home negligence in Texas?

Gather evidence

Whatever a family decides to do in the long run, it is important that they gather evidence of any wrongdoing by the funeral home as soon as possible. For example, if someone notices personal property missing from the body after placement in the casket, they should take pictures and note the items missing.

File a complaint

Families can take any evidence that they gather and use that to file a complaint with the state. If the department receives enough complaints about the same business, they may launch an investigation.

Begin the lawsuit process

If loved ones believe they have enough evidence for a case, it is also an option to start a lawsuit against the business. They may receive compensation for such things as emotional suffering as well as the cost of the funeral itself, since the service was not to their satisfaction.

It is important for families to be aware of their options if they happen to encounter negligence at a funeral home during this difficult time.