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What are some things people get wrong about estate planning?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2023 | Estate planning

Estate planning, an important aspect of financial preparation, is often clouded by misinformation. It is important to discuss prevalent myths associated with estate planning.

Trying to find clarity on important decisions that impact your financial well-being can help you over time.

Only those with substantial assets need to plan

One common misconception is that estate planning is only important if you have considerable wealth. The median salary for an American household is $70,784 a year as of 2021.

In reality, estate planning helps individuals across all financial spectrums. It is a strategy for the transfer of any possessions, big or small.

Trusts are only for the ultra-wealthy

There is a belief that trusts are tools exclusively reserved for the ultra-wealthy. However, trusts are versatile instruments that can benefit you no matter what income level you are at.

They offer privacy, flexibility and the ability to dictate how you distribute assets. This makes them a valuable part of a well-rounded estate plan.

Estate planning is solely about death

You may mistakenly associate estate planning solely with matters following your death. In truth, estate planning also addresses important aspects that happen during your lifetime.

It includes decisions about healthcare, appointing a guardian for your minor children and managing finances in case of incapacitation or a coma. You should plan for the present as well as the future.

DIY will kits are sufficient

You could believe that using do-it-yourself will kits is a cost-effective and efficient alternative to professional estate planning. However, these kits may lack the specificity required for unique family situations.

Professional guidance ensures that your estate plan aligns with legal requirements and accurately reflects your true intentions.

Life insurance is only for the young and healthy

Another myth suggests that life insurance is only relevant for the young and healthy. In reality, life insurance is a big component of estate planning when you are any age. It provides financial security for loved ones and can be a valuable tool for covering debts and funeral expenses.

Learning more about these common misconceptions is important when trying to make informed decisions about your assets and money. You can then approach the process with a clearer understanding, ensuring that your financial plans are well-suited to your unique circumstances.